Playoffs 2018
05 Sep 2018
Playoffs 2018
T20 Home Away
Sat 15-Sep-18 Invictus CC vs Titans CC 8 Andrew McCandless Park 
Sat 15-Sep-18 Trinity CC vs Victorious CC 8 Creditview/Sandalwood # A

Sun 16-Sep-18 UK Warriors vs Premier CC 8 Andrew McCandless Park 
Sun 16-Sep-18 United CC vs Toronto Woodlands 8 FCC
Sun 16-Sep-18 Div3- Pos#3 vs Div3- Pos#2 12:30


Sat 22-Sep-18 Div3- Pos#4 vs Div3- Pos#1 8 Dixie 407 # A

T35  Home  Away
Sat 15-Sep-18 Carribean Superstars vs UK Warriors 12:30 Andrew McCandless Park 
Sun 16-Sep-18 GTA SuperKings vs Super XI 12:30 Andrew McCandless Park 

Similar to league games, the home team is responsible for setting up the field on time. Best of luck to every team. 

P.S- Div 3 is still undecided and I will personally inform the 4 teams of their matches. Basically, position 3 and 4 can change.