Do you want permanent lights for cricket?
2019 Season
Dec 11, 2018
Planning has started!   If you are a new or returning team please send your interest of registration to Vasant Solanki ( before Dec 31.   We have an overwhelming request for participation from new teams - so don't miss the opportunity.   2019 season is bound to be exciting!!
Playoffs 2018
Sep 05, 2018
T20 Home Away Sat 15-Sep-18 Invictus CC vs Titans CC 8 Andrew McCandless Park  Sat 15-Sep-18 Trinity CC vs Victorious CC 8 Creditview/Sandalwood # A Sun 16-Sep-18 UK Warriors vs Premier CC 8 Andrew McCandless Park  Sun 16-Sep-18 United CC vs Toronto Woodlands 8 FCC Sun 16-Sep-18 Div3- Pos#3 vs Div3- Pos#2 12:30 FCC Sat 22-Sep-18 Div3- Pos#4 vs Div3- Pos#1 8 Dixie 407 # A T35  Home  Away Sat 15-Sep-18 Carribean Superstars vs UK Warriors 12:30 Andrew McCandless Park  Sun 16-Sep-18 GTA SuperKings vs Super XI 12:30 Andrew McCandless Park  Similar to league games, the home team is responsible for setting up the field on time. Best of luck to every team.  P.S- Div 3 is still undecided and I will personally inform the 4 teams of their matches. Basically, position 3 and 4 can change. 
Mid Summer Meeting
Aug 06, 2018
Friday, Aug 10th.    If you haven't heard about it yet, consider it now. Brampton Cricket League is hosting a mid-season meeting to discuss a variety of topics related to cricket and its future. There will be a number of special announcements as well. If you are interested RSVP via the link below:   Additional details are on our facebook page:
GT20 Final Ticket
Jul 11, 2018
As part of continuous development of cricket in the region, and after offering 50% discount on tickets purchased through the league, Brampton Cricket League is pleased to announce that we will support all BCL members who are interested in watching the GT20 final with complimentary tickets. Location: King City (Maple Leaf Cricket Ground) Date: July 15th Time: 3pm  Please circulate this to your team members and let us know if you would like to join us to watch the exciting final game! Click on this link to claim your tickets for the silver stand: Note: if you commit to getting these tickets please make sure to show up!
BCL Mgmt & Players at GT20
Jun 28, 2018
BCL management and players recently attended the inauguration of the Global T20 Canada.   It was great to see players from all over the world participating in this setup.   Check out the pictures of the event at
Jun 04, 2018
Did you receive a copy of COMMUNITY NEWSLETTER - ISSUE 2?  If not, click here to view it and subscribe.    Don't miss out!  
Case for permanent lights
May 27, 2018
We continue to raise the case for permanent light fixtures for cricket fields. See this video from Brampton Focus covering the need for fixed lights as well as our captain's meeting.   Join us in making the case for you. Comment & share this video. It is time that cricket gets its share of permanent lights. If you haven't done so already, check out our facebook page
May 11, 2018
We are pleased to announce our bi-weekly, and the first ever, COMMUNITY newsletter produced by a cricket league in Ontario. Check it out and join our mailing list for latest updates, videos, trends and to be part of the "COMMUNITY".
Join the Conversation
May 10, 2018
Did you know BCL is on facebook? If you haven't checked us out, or have not liked our page for updates - do it now & stay tuned to the latest and the greatest videos, commentaries and discussions.   Click HERE to see our latest posts on the need for permanent lights for cricket.
Video Highlights of Captain's Meeting
May 06, 2018
  Video highlights of the pre-season Captain's meeting last night. Thank you to all club executives who made an effort to attend the meeting. We had 97% attendance. Special thanks to Brampton Focus for covering the event and raising our profile as we continue to ask for permanent light fixtures for night cricket.   View on: Facebook or  Youtube
BCL Media Channel
Apr 14, 2018
As part of our strategic growth initiative the league will be investing in BCL Media - which will include:     1. Live coverage of games 2. Q & A Sessions with the teams 3. Promotional videos for teams   & much more.   No other league has a media profile and BCL being the pioneers in everything cricket will be taking on this new project in 2018. We encourage you to check our Facebook Page and Youtube Channel. Enjoy the content and provide your feedback so we can make it better with every new video.   Click here to see FACEBOOK Click here to view YOUTUBE
2018 Captain's Meeting
Apr 13, 2018
is scheduled for Friday, May 4th - 7pm-9pm.   We are looking forward to your attendance.    A couple of housekeeping notes.   1. Attendance is Mandatory. If you have a club playing in the BCL this year, you must attend.    2. Only 2 reps are allowed from each club.   3. Please be on time, so we can start and finish on time.   4. Location: Jim Archdekin - 292 Conestoga Drive, Brampton - 7pm-9pm
Playoffs 2017
Aug 25, 2017
        Please note BCL reserves the right to change the playoff schedule. T20 1 D1-P2 vs D1-P3 Sat 09-Sep-17 Dixie 407 # North Near Hwy 8:00 AM 2 D3-P2 vs D3-P3 Sun 10-Sep-17 FCC 8:00 AM 3 D2-P1 vs D2-P4 Sat 16-Sep-17 FCC 8:00 AM 4 D1-P1 vs D1-P4 Sat 16-Sep-17 Dixie 407 # North Near Hwy 8:00 AM 5 D2-P2 vs D2-P3 Sun 17-Sep-17 FCC 8:00 AM 6 D3-P1 vs D3-P4 Sat 23-Sep-17 FCC 8:00 AM 7 D2 Final     Sat 23-Sep-17 Creditview/Sandalwood # A 8:00 AM 8 D1 Final      Sat 23-Sep-17 Dixie 407 # North Near Hwy 8:00 AM 9 D3 Final     Sun 24-Sep-17 FCC 8:00 AM T35   31 P1 vs P4 Sat 16-Sep-17 FCC 12:30 PM 32 P2 vs P3 Sun 17-Sep-17 FCC 12:30 PM 33 Final     Sun 24-Sep-17 FCC 12:30 PM
Jul 22, 2017
If you haven't had a chance to visit Night Cricket at the Powerade Cente - check it out after 8pm.   Due to the overwhelming demand for night cricket we are now playing every night.   Check out this video of how things can change within the span of 1 ball & visit our facebook page for latest videos & updates.
Jul 12, 2017
After becoming the **first league** to introduce flood light cricket in Ontario - BCL is pleased to welcome clubs from other leagues to participate in the weeknight Champions Trophy.   Come join us at the Powerade Centre every night 8pm-11pm to watch the action LIVE!   Check our facebook page for more info:  
Top 10 Player Ranking
No. Player Points
1 Sahni C. 291.090
2 Anoos K. 285.400
3 Chib G. 268.530
4 Datta N. 258.280
5 Saleem F. 250.710
6 Singh A. 236.030
7 Chandran S. 221.160
8 Dhillon H. 218.510
9 Kapahi V. 207.840
10 Pittiman R. 187.400
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